Erin Klem  | January 7, 2016

How Startup mcSquares Hacked the Whiteboard

Some of us went to school when it was cool to write on the chalkboard (gasp!). Thankfully, many of today’s classroom supplies are seeing continued innovation. A new entrant to this fray just may be Colorado-based mcSquares, a finalist in the recent Challenge Cup competition in Denver.

mcSquares has developed a modular white board with practical applications in the classroom, the boardroom, the cafe, and even the home. With a wall-mounted bracket that can hold mutliple mcSquare tiles, you can imagine how students or teams of colleagues might piece together concepts, and then take away action items.

But truly, this concept is best explained by seeing.

Follow along at #1776Challenge to see how mcSquares fares in the rest of the Challenge Cup competition.