Articles by Sheryll Poe

Senior writer, U.S. Chamber of Commerce
Sheryll Poe is a senior writer at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. She likes pina coladas and getting caught in the rain.

Blazing Trails for Women in Pro Sports

Sports pioneer Susan O’Malley joined the NBA’s Washington Bullets (now the Wizards) as director of advertising in 1986 and at 29, O’Malley became the first female president of an NBA franchise.


A Big Brewer Sticks to His Small Roots

The obstacles he faced in starting The Boston Beer Company led Jim Koch to create a micro-loan and mentoring program for small businesses in the food and hospitality industries.

The Denver Disruption: Startups Soar in the Mile High City

Denver’s pioneer spirit and sunny disposition is lighting the way to a bright future for startups.

Austin’s Tech Scene: On the Comeback Trail

All the signs suggest that startups in Austin are soaring again. But it’s not the high-flying, money-slinging atmosphere of the late 1990s. Austin has learned its’ lesson from the dot-com bust, and is poised to soar to even greater heights than before.

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back? Austin Two-Steps With Tech Startups Again

As the hype escalates around a new wave of startups in Austin that are disrupting the status quo, one has to ask: is Austin going to get burned again?


Denver Wins! The Challenge Cup, That Is.

Buck up, Denver Broncos fans. While you may not have won the Super Bowl, Denver produced a crop of more than 20 great startups to compete at the recent Challenge Cup pitch competition.

A Bitter(sweet) Pill: Costs Up, Jobs Down

An interview with the Alexandria, VA-based Bittersweet Cafe owner shows how real businesses will absorb an increase--and it's not all sweetness.


Boston Rebels: From Tea Party Colonists to Today’s Tech Entrepreneurs

Boston is known for its’ rabble rousers. Its' disruptors. Its’ upstarts. But there’s a new group of pugnacious upstarts disrupting the status quo in Boston and beyond: tech entrepreneurs.


The $57 Million Shakedown of Buckyballs (VIDEO)

How can a federal agency shut down a business and then go after the former CEO? We sit down with former Buckyballs CEO Craig Zucker and former Consumer Product Safety Commissioner Nancy Nord to get some answers.


Terracycle’s Garbage Guru Gets Down and Dirty with (Video)

Tom Szaky is proving that one man’s waste is everyone’s treasure. His company, TerraCycle, Inc., is eliminating the idea of “waste” by finding ways to recycle everything...and we mean everything.