• The Kids are Alright: 4 College Entrepreneurs Leading a New Business Revolution

    We've put together a list of four college-aged entrepreneurs who have launched companies from their ivy-covered university campuses. For these young business owners, college is a time not only for personal growth, but also for professional advancement.

  • Warby Parker: Breaking E-Commerce Barriers One Free Sample Shipment at a Time

    There is a certain leap of faith that online customers must take when deciding whether the pants they’re considering buying will fit snugly or loosely, or if the bag that appears so vibrant in pictures will look rather drab in person. Yet more and more, companies like Warby Parker are surmounting this ostensible obstacle by shipping sample products directly to consumers, effectively turning their homes into makeshift brick and mortar stores. Though undoubtedly innovative, is this business model feasible and, more importantly, does it signal the end of the physical retail outlet?

  • Intel International Science and Engineering Fair Draws Young Scientists

    Long before Natalie Portman won an Academy Award for her portrayal of a deranged ballerina in “Black Swan,” she was recognized by an altogether different—though equally renowned—organization: The Society for Science & The Public (S.S.P.).

  • #90SecondsWith: Carol’s Daughter Founder Lisa Price

    Lisa Price launched Carol's Daughter, the acclaimed natural beauty products business, two decades ago out of her Brooklyn kitchen. But she's still dreaming about what's in store.

Two Marines Moving: How One Veteran Started His Own Business

Of the countless challenges that adulthood foists upon us, deciding on a career path ranks as one of the most daunting. For Nick Baucom, who served in the Marines from 2002 to 2008, it was especially difficult.

With Modernizing Medicine, Serial Entrepreneur Daniel Cane Aims to Revolutionize U.S. Healthcare

One of Daniel Cane’s earliest forays into the business world came by way of Blackboard, a company he co-founded that went public in 2004, and sold for $1.6 billion in 2011. This time around, Cane has teamed with Dr. Michael Sherling, a practicing dermatologist, to found Modernizing Medicine. The aptly named company is taking a new approach to how physicians write, manage, and interact with electronic medical records.

Onboarding 101: 3 Companies That Roll Out the Red Carpet for New Employees

The first few weeks at a new job are a critically important indicator of whether new employees will successfully adapt and ultimately contribute to the workplace. With startups leading the way, the business world has now started to take notice, and a growing number of companies are investing in orientation and training to overhaul this previously overlooked aspect of hiring.

The State of U.S. Small Businesses: Q&A with Dharani Ramamoorthy from Xylo Technologies

Last month at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Small Business Summit, Free Enterprise sat down with Xylo Technologies founder Dharani Ramamoorthy to talk about his unique story, his company, and the state of U.S. business.

Big Companies, Even Bigger Perks: Everything You Love About Startup Culture—Minus the Startup Part

We’ve assembled a list of established businesses that are giving startups a run for their money when it comes to culture as well as employee perks and benefits.

#90SecondsWith: GoldieBlox Founder Debbie Sterling

GoldieBlox founder Debbie Sterling talks about her mission to get girls interested in a future career in the STEM fields and disrupting the "pink aisle."

From Text Messages to Transportation: How Infrastructure Makes it All Possible

This infographic explores the vitally important role infrastructure plays each and every day of your life.

Skybox Launching First Satellite in Bid to Create the Facebook of Satellite Photos (UPDATE)

Skybox Imaging is launching its first satellite into space this September, and the world as we know it may never be the same.

A TV Channel Aims to Educate and Entertain (No, Really)

There are more than 1,000 channels available on Roku. Yet only one is completely geared toward the autistic community, thanks to Jerry Trowbridge and Ray Smithers.


Looking for Love Online? Ask the Pros

The proliferation of dating sites and mobile-based apps offers a host of opportunities—and pitfalls—for male and female online daters alike. But have no fear: Online dating consultants are here to help.

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