• Yoobi’s Products Can Make Your Kid Smarter—and Save Teachers Billions of Dollars

    If ever there were a prototypical serial social entrepreneur, then Ido Leffler would probably be it. In 2006, Leffler co-founded Yes To, Inc., which he grew into a wildly popular natural skincare line and where he still plays an active leadership role. He’s since turned his attention toward education, launching Yoobi, which creates tools specifically designed to spark learning in young children.

  • 4 Essential Apps for Getting Organized

    Because life doesn’t come with an organization manual, we’ve done the legwork for you. We’ve compiled a list of some great apps that can help organize your life and boost your productivity, freeing you up to do, well, whatever you want with your free time—even if it’s procrastinating about what to do with it.

  • Startup Hoyas: Teaching Entrepreneurship at Georgetown University

    This summer, nearly 30 student entrepreneurs participated in Georgetown University’s Startup Hoyas Summer Launch Program, a highly selective, 2-month incubator. At the conclusion of the program, they presented their final business pitches to notable members of Washington, D.C.'s business community at 1776, D.C.’s premier startup and co-working space.

  • E-Commerce Site Strolby Lets You Buy Locally—Everywhere

    Strolby, which launched in September of 2013, is an e-commerce marketplace that sells products and merchandise from local, artisan shops. Unlike giant amorphous retailers, Strolby provides its customers with information regarding where a product came from, as well as who made it.

5 Technologies that’ll Enhance Your TV Viewing—and Maybe Even Inspire You to Start a Business

What are millennials and other consumers turning to as they look to supplement their cable subscriptions? We’ve compiled a list that identifies five of the most popular and cost-effective technologies and services available today. Besides making it easier for people to watch their favorite television programs, these platforms represent an altogether new marketplace that’s generating opportunities for content creators.

Thanks to Good Government Policies & a Strong Wind Energy Sector, Iowa’s Booming Economy Attracts Facebook, Microsoft

Though it might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the term “good government,” Iowa is, in fact, an example of a state that is supporting its economy by working with businesses to attract investment and create jobs.

Atlanta-Based Springbot Brings Big Data Analytics to Small E-Commerce Stores

Amazon's dominance in e-commerce is under siege, as small- and medium-size businesses are increasingly collecting and analyzing the same kind of data that proved so valuable to the Seattle-based e-retailer amid a decades-long expansion. Though still in its very early stages, the democratization of the marketing analytics space is already having a profound impact on e-commerce, enabling small shops to compete against juggernauts for the first time. At the forefront of this emergent wave of disruption sits Springbot, an Atlanta, Georgia-based startup co-founded by Brooks Robinson, Joe Reger, and Allen Nance.

Where Should Entrepreneurs Start a Business? 10 Cities & States, Ranked (Interactive Infographic)

This interactive infographic allows you to see firsthand what it’s like to be an entrepreneur in 10 major American cities. Using data from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s 2014 Enterprising Cities Regulatory Climate Index, the S.B.A., and the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it ranks cities according to their regulatory environments and highlights relevant small business data for the states where these urban centers are located.


11 Policy Recommendations to Spur Startups

Given the critical role they play in our nation's economy as the principal source of innovation, growth, and job creation, America's fragile new businesses need and deserve a comprehensive policy framework designed to cultivate and nurture new business formation, survival, and growth.

Manchester’s Millyard Reinvents Itself as City’s Economic Engine

The Millyard used to be the largest textile operation in the world, but a mix of high-tech firms and multi-use developers are weaving a new economic engine for Manchester, New Hampshire’s largest city.

Two Marines Moving: How One Veteran Started His Own Business

Of the countless challenges that adulthood foists upon us, deciding on a career path ranks as one of the most daunting. For Nick Baucom, who served in the Marines from 2002 to 2008, it was especially difficult.

Onboarding 101: 3 Companies That Roll Out the Red Carpet for New Employees

The first few weeks at a new job are a critically important indicator of whether new employees will successfully adapt and ultimately contribute to the workplace. With startups leading the way, the business world has now started to take notice, and a growing number of companies are investing in orientation and training to overhaul this previously overlooked aspect of hiring.

Big Companies, Even Bigger Perks: Everything You Love About Startup Culture—Minus the Startup Part

We’ve assembled a list of established businesses that are giving startups a run for their money when it comes to culture as well as employee perks and benefits.

#90SecondsWith: GoldieBlox Founder Debbie Sterling

GoldieBlox founder Debbie Sterling talks about her mission to get girls interested in a future career in the STEM fields and disrupting the "pink aisle."

From Text Messages to Transportation: How Infrastructure Makes it All Possible

This infographic explores the vitally important role infrastructure plays each and every day of your life.

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