3 Education Companies That Are Making Teachers’ Lives A Whole Lot Easier

With overwhelmed teachers in mind, we’ve identified three education-focused companies—one of which operates outside of the digital landscape—that have quickly become teacher favorites thanks to their pioneering efforts within the space.

Still Family-Owned After Three Decades, Aquarama Grapples With Its Future

In the beginning, Bob Shearer built vinyl liner pools. The vinyl liner pool was to the pool industry what the Volkswagen was to the auto industry: It created an affordable, easy-to-build pool for the middle class.

Detroit’s One True Pop: Faygo and the Future of Fizz

Faygo has been making soft drinks in Detroit since 1907, when, Ben and Perry Feigenson, Russian immigrant brothers and bakers by trade, founded Feigenson Brothers Bottling Works with a handful of drinks based on frosting flavors they’d created. From the esoteric—Cotton Candy, Moon Mist, Jazzin’ Bluesberry—to beloved flagship flavors—Rock n’ Rye, Root beer, Orange, Grape—Faygo is renowned throughout not only Michigan, but also the rest of the Upper Midwest.

Working With Bookstores, Sidewalk Lets College Students Rent Textbooks

When Alan Martin was in college, he struggled each semester to pay exceedingly high prices for his textbooks. So he did something about it.

In the Heart of Midtown Manhattan, U.S. Diamond Manufacturing Sector Maintains Its Sparkle

With its crowded sidewalks, halal food carts, maze of skyscrapers, and sea of yellow taxicabs, Midtown, Manhattan is a dream setting for anyone looking to be, well, overlooked. But if you look a little closer, you’d be surprised what’s hiding in plain sight.

How Unanswered Texts Led Military Veteran Sharon Standifird to Start Her Own Business

Like any parent, Sharon Standifird wants her children to answer her calls and texts when she contacts them. Yet unlike most parents, when her son continued ignoring her digital overtures, she set out on a quest to create an app that would, well, force him to do just that.

If You’re a Small Business Owner, You Need to Know About This Company

Within moments of meeting Rohit Prakash it’s clear that he’s a methodical, deliberate thinker. These sorts of attributes are quite helpful when you’re launching a business, or if you’re studying to become a physician—both of which Prakash happens to have experience with.

What Does It Take to Get Richard Branson to Fund Your Startup? 20-Something Entrepreneur Scott Ferreira Knows

Though still only his mid-20s, Scott Ferreira has already built quite a reputation for himself in the business world.

Designer Clothes for 1/3 the Price? Gustin’s Innovative Retail Model Makes It Possible

Fueled by their frustration, Stephen Powell and Josh Gustin sought to create a new, more efficient way to sell clothing. Eventually, they developed the idea for Gustin, which removes the middlemen from the economic equation. “Essentially, it’s like Kickstarter for fashion,” Gustin explains.

From Textiles to the World Wide Web: Manchester, NH Is Weaving a New Tech Economy In New England

Once home to the largest textile mill in the world, and then largely dormant for decades, Manchester’s Millyard district is attracting 21st Century businesses into a 19th Century setting.

After Many Ups—and a Lot of Downs—This Atlanta-Based, Family-Run Company Shows What It Takes to Succeed in Business

Family run businesses require a lot of work, but Aquarama Pools is a story that swims against the tide. The water hasn’t always been calm, but a second and upcoming third generation of Shearer family progeny have managed to weather the effects of stormy seas.

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