Creating Opportunity Cordell Eddings  | March 9, 2018

What Women in TECH Want to Be Asked. And the questions they are tired of answering.

Women fill nearly half of all jobs in the U.S, but only 24 percent of technology jobs are occupied by women. And only 20 percent of Fortune 500 CIO positions were held by women in 2016, according to recent research from the National Center for Women and Information Technology.

But there is a generation of innovative women executives pushing for change, fighting for opportunity, and who aren’t taking no for an answer. March 9 was International Women’s Day and a perfect opportunity to reflect on the state of women in technology and what better place to find out what about women in tech care about them from the women themselves.

So we asked them. Free Enterprise spoke to five women executives and business leaders in Technology fields to let us know what they wish people would stop asking them, and what they wish they would. Here’s what they said:

***(And if you are at SXSW Conference this weekend check out the U.S. Chamber of Commerce on the “Supporting Women in the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Through Public Policy” sponsored by Dell)

Hilary M. Cain, Director, Technology and Innovation Policy, TOYOTA @HilaryCainDC

Dr. Renee Dua, Founder and Chief Medical Officer, Heal @DrReneeDua


 Meghan Gaffney Buck, CEO, Veda Data Solutions @meghangaffney

Cathy Main, Vice President Corporate Relations, NSS Labs, Inc. @CMain29

Lauren Belive, Director, Federal Government Relations, Lyft @Lauren_Belive