Free Enterprise Staff  | August 4, 2014

Where Should Entrepreneurs Start a Business? 10 Cities and States, Ranked (Interactive Infographic)

The United States owes a lot to its entrepreneurs, who generate millions of jobs, drive innovation, and fuel economic growth. Yet for all they do to support the broader economy, entrepreneurs must nonetheless contend with complex federal and state laws and—depending on the city—burdensome local regulations. As it turns out, when it comes to entrepreneurs not all cities are created equal.

What, then, are the most business friendly cities in the U.S.?

Well, it’s a complex question that deserves addressing. Small businesses are the lifeblood of the U.S. economy, as they exert an outsized influence on the financial system and employ more than 50% of all workers, according to the Small Business Administration (S.B.A.). With small businesses continuing to drive the post-recessionary recovery, cities with favorable regulatory frameworks are better positioned to reap the benefits of the robust and ever-evolving entrepreneurial economy.

This interactive infographic allows you to see firsthand what it’s like to be an entrepreneur in 10 major American cities. Using data from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s 2014 Enterprising Cities Regulatory Climate Index, the S.B.A., and the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it ranks cities according to their regulatory environments and highlights relevant small business data for the states where these urban centers are located.