Creating Opportunity Free Enterprise Staff  | January 26, 2017

How This Trailblazing Company Helped Small Nonprofits Raise $1 Billion

When it comes to nonprofits, there’s no such thing as being too small to spark sweeping change in the world, so says Network for Good. After all, helping “tiny giants” blaze a big impact with small budgets is the company’s business. Literally.

The Washington, D.C.-based Certified B Corporation provides cloud-based fundraising management software to some 125,000 small- to mid-sized charities and nonprofits. Since its inception 2001, its pioneering digital platform has processed a collective $1 billion-plus in donations from millions of donors across America.

Further amplifying its own impact, Network for Good has also trained 150,000 nonprofit professionals in effective nonprofit marketing and online fundraising.

“We believe small- and mid-sized nonprofits have big missions and deserve access to the technology and services that enable their success,” a spokesperson for Network for Good said. “We bring simple fundraising tools, deep donor relationships, expert consulting and mentorship, combined with big data insights to unleash donor generosity and fuel our clients’ missions.”

Launched several years before donation collection sites like GoFundMe, YouCaring and GiveForward came online, Network for Good paved the way for enabling people to quickly donate to charitable causes over the web. All in just a few clicks of a mouse or a touchpad — online, anywhere and anytime.

Founded by Former AOL CEO Steve Case and former Cisco Systems executive and B2B Internet pioneer Chris Sinton, the company was one of the first to, in its own words, “make it as easy to donate and volunteer online as it is to shop online” and to “make it simple and affordable for all nonprofits, of any size, to recruit donors and volunteers via the Internet.”

Network for Good, recently named “Best Corporate Steward for Small and Middle Market Businesses” by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, was spun out of coalition of prominent tech firms, such as AOL, Yahoo and Cisco. Starting with a small, core team of employees, the company commenced in partnership with more than 20 nonprofit foundations and associations.

And it’s come a long way since. Today, Network for Good has 72 employees spread across Baltimore, San Francisco, Indianapolis and Chicago, as well as in our nation’s capital.

As its staff and services have grown, naturally so has its overall reach and impact. In addition to furnishing nonprofits with fundraising software and training tools, the Case Foundation-supported enterprise now extends its services to larger, for-profit corporate companies as well. Network for Good’s corporate customers can, for example, incorporate its online donation collection software into their websites, enabling their employees and customers to give to more than 1.4 million U.S. based 501(c)3 charities or to K-12 public schools.

“Online giving has truly gone mainstream and technology has become a force for good because of Network for Good’s work,” Case Foundation CEO Jean Case said in a statement. “Today, the use of technology for good is as common as sending an email. We are strong believers in democratized philanthropy, and through technology – from the Internet to social media – individuals can play a meaningful role in giving, sparking social change, and learning about critical social issues.”