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What is the Free Enterprise Hackathon?

Every day, incredible things are being done by businesses all over the U.S. America's entrepreneurs and businesses are creating new technologies, new products and new innovations - leading to new jobs and new futures. FreeEnterprise.com tells those stories. We're looking for talented developers, designers and entrepreneurs who are willing to work with us on finding the best and most innovative ways to showcase these stories on FreeEnterprise.com, and to shine a spotlight on the impact of American businesses.

The Free Enterprise Hackathon will bring together some of the tri-state area’s most talented developers, designers, data scientists and entrepreneurs to compete over 36 hours by building amazing tools and web-based applications for www.FreeEnterprise.com.

For more information about Free Enterprise, click here.

When is the Free Enterprise Hackathon?

The Free Enterprise Hackathon will be held Saturday October 17th through Sunday, October 18th, at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce headquarters located at 1615 H Street NW, Washington, DC 20062.

We will also host a pre-hackathon virtual workshop – more information here

What are the Prizes?

Success at the Free Enterprise Hackathon is recognized and rewarded!

1st Place

$1,000 AmEx gift card per team member

The overall winning team will get the opportunity to accelerate their winning prototypes with the FreeEnterprise.com team. The program will include desk space at D.C.-based global incubator and seed fund 1776, as well as networking opportunities with key stakeholders on the Free Enterprise team.

2nd Place

$350 Apple gift card per team member

How Can I Register?

Register here through EventBrite. All ticket proceeds will be donated to SOME (So Others May Eat).

Who is attending?

We’re inviting talented developers, designers, data scientists and entrepreneurs in the Tri- state area. We also aim to partner with relevant technology companies, representing a wide range of innovative established companies and disruptive startups.

How are Teams Formed?

Teams can be created in advance using the Free Enterprise Hackathon Hackathon.io site and/or onsite and will be comprised of one to five individuals.

What is the Challenge?

Attendees at the Free Enterprise Hackathon will be asked to create a web application or tool for www.FreeEnterprise.com. The tool must utilize at least one of the data sets provided: however, we encourage tools that utilize multiple data sets and provide useful insights, information and data correlation that would be helpful to website visitors. * Applications should be able to run on Linux platform and be submitted to an open source repository.

Required Data-sets:

Attendees must use at least ONE of the data sets below:

  1. ADP
    1. ADP Small Business Report
    2. Regional Employment Report
  2. Dun and Bradstreet
    1. D&B Direct 2.0
  3. Bureau of Labor Statistics
    1. Databases, Tables & Calculators by Subject
  4. Census Bureau
    1. Business Dynamics Statistics (1976-2012)
    2. Economic Indicators Time Series (various years – present)
    3. The 2015 Planning Database (2015)
    4. Economic Census (2012, 2007, 2002)
  5. Data.gov
    1. Census API - By Coordinates
  6. Quandl
    1. USA GDP Growth Data
    2. USA employment
    3. Starup and Venture Capitalist

What is the Pre-Free Enterprise Hackathon Virtual Session?

The Pre-Free Enterprise Hackathon session will be hosted via WebEx on October 14, 2015 from 6:30 pm EST to 8:30 pm EST. All developers, designers and entrepreneurs as well as sponsor evangelists are invited to join the virtual session. Evangelists will propose their challenge, introduce their technology and answer any questions to help ensure an amazing experience.

Who Owns the IP and is there a Participation Agreement?

Participants will own the rights to their work; however, we kindly ask that all code be submitted to an Open Source Repo. Partnering companies may have their own terms and conditions for proprietary technology or content.

Developers, designers and entrepreneurs are required to sign this agreement in advance of or upon arrival at the Free Enterprise Hackathon.

For information on marketing and event promotion please contact:

Brian Collins: brian@angelhack.com
Madison Andermahar: madison@angelhack.com