Free Enterprise Staff  | May 20, 2016

Despite Regulations, Tanom Motors Drives Towards Success

Despite stifling regulations, Tanom Motors is determined to keep running on all cylinders.

Sandy Hall, president of Culpeper, Va.-based Tanom Motors, has been working for six years on the auto-cycle  – a vehicle with three-wheeled vehicle that has side-by-side seating and handles similar to your average car. Hall says the company’s Invader model combines the exhilaration of a motorcycle with the stability of an automobile.

On the road, Tanom Motor’s line of vehicles is turning heads.

“We get attention on the highway,” Hall says. “You would think that literally someone is looking at a spaceship, and in some respects they may view it that way.”

Behind the scenes with Tanom Motors

But getting vehicles from the drawing board to the highway hasn’t always been a joyride. In addition to the significant amount of money the company has into developing the vehicles, they’ve had to work hard (and invest even more time and resources) to get the green light from the Environmental Protection Agency and the National Transportation Safety Board.

“Nothing’s ever easy, and we’ve had our challenges over the last six year,” Hall says.

David Young, the company’s chief financial officer, says onerous financial regulations have put even more barriers in the way by blocking startups like Tanom Motors from getting the funding they need to bring their innovations to market.

“It’s a difficult time in the U.S. to start a manufacturing business, particularly in the motor vehicle manufacturing business,” Young says.” But if it were easy, everyone would do it.”