Solving Problems Cassie Hodges  | August 17, 2017

This Baltimore-Based Small Business is Your New Software Advocate

This month, we’re introducing some of America’s most inspiring entrepreneurs by interviewing all 18 finalists for this year’s Dream Big Small Business Awards. The awards program honors the achievements of some of our nation’s most remarkable small business owners and celebrates their contributions to the American economy. We’ll be spotlighting a different finalist every day between now and the Small Business Summit 2017, where the winners will be announced (register to attend here).

The company: Valsatech

Who’s in charge: Chandra Sabbavarpu

Where are they: Ellicott City, MD

What they do: Valsatech is a core software testing service provider.

Q: How did your company get started?

Chandra Sabbavarpu: In the present ever evolving sphere of technology, the inevitability of assurance of quality  cannot  be  exaggerated.    Though  there  were  innumerable  players  in this line  still,  I  felt,  there  was  a  gap  between  demand  and  supply.  Secondly,  my intention  was  to  offer  incomparable  dedicated  service  to  my  prospective  clients, at  a  competitive  price  tag,  ensuring  protection  in  to-to.  These  two  factors  werechief driving forces that prompted me to promote  Valsatech.

I had strategies to further extemporize and strive to afford all-embracing gamut  of  cost  effective  testing  solutions  incorporating  industry  delivery  models spreading to countless divergent automation technologies and platforms. Corollary  to  supra,  Valsatech  with  its  time  bound  and  innovative  practices, endeavours   to   closely   associate   with   the   clients   in   order   to   conceive   and materialize  extensive  range  of  Quality  Assurance  Applications  that  enable  the users   accomplish   their   corporate   goals   cost   effectively.

Valsatech   boasts deployment  of  cutting  edge  technology  impeccably  for  the  highest  advantage  of the clients, resulting in profit and wealth maximization of stake holders

Q: What barriers have you faced while building your company and how did you overcome them?

Sabbavarpu: I was  confronted  with  some  financial hardships  and  tough  tribulations  of  attrition  of  my  workforce.  The challenges of attrition were the biggest barriers that I ever faced.  I  deliberated  the  issue  with  the  employees  and  attained  an  amicable  long  term settlement   that  was   mutually  beneficial.  The settlement did  not   entail   just reformation of the salaries of the workforce and offering them additional welfare measures.  The  working  vicinities  were  refurbished  so  as  to  convert  them  into more  morale  boosting  and  the  employees  were  encouraged  to  offer  state-of-the-art counsels, which were debated  and  put into execution after weeding out short comings. The rate of attrition progressively thinned down and ultimately became neutralized and helped the company to scale greater heights.

Q: What has been your proudest moment as an entrepreneur?

Sabbavarpu: A  long  term  partnership  was  entered  into  by  Valsatech  with  some  of  the  big names  of  the  industry  like  Accenture,  Leidos,  CSRA,  Nortrop  Grumman  and others.  It  was  the  greatest  turning  point  for  Valsatech  as  this  paved  way  for  the hectic advancement and expansion of the company. This was one of the proudest movements for me as an entrepreneur. Another  event  that  took  place  in  the  history  of  Valsatech  that  turned  to  be  the second  proudest  movement  for  me  as  a  CEO  and  entrepreneur.  This  was  when, Valsatech  was  finalist  for  EY  2017  year  and  smart  CEO  award  winning  for  2 consecutive years in 2016 and 2017.

Q: Tell us about your company’s role in the community. How do you use serve your hometown?

Sabbavarpu: It is commonly known that innovation and success are not preceded by any draft or strategy. Valsatech, overcoming resolute encounters and espousing efficaciously, has carved an enviable niche in the community. Our performance has been exemplary. We have redefined the standards of the industry. Because of our steadfast virtues, we are construed as a force to reckon with in the universal podium and are highly esteemed for our array of skills in testing and for providing authentic solutions for dissimilar businesses. This helps our customers to achieve higher ROI.

I am proud to state that I have started Chandra Sabbavarapu foundation (CSF) in Warangal, Telangana state INDIA entirely funded by me, 2 years ago. This is a non-profitable organization, which imparts IT Development training, and skills in Software development, communication skills in English, IT Staffing services, Intuitive technologies, tackling competitive exams etc., at free of cost. This nurtures the under-privileged youth of my country to find decent jobs. The candidates trained from CSF have landed jobs in multinationals like Wipro, Capgemini, Accenture, in the teaching profession and in the public sector.

Q: What does it mean to not only have created your own job, but to also create jobs for others?

Sabbavarpu: It means great things.  I had  very  humble  beginning  in  my  career.  However, my hard work, good business ethics and my workforce enabled me to reach greater heights in my pursuits. I  proudly  state  that  I  have  on  the  rolls  very  well  accomplished  and  high  class employees  who  are  distributed  geographically  in  various  locations. I provide a spectrum of testing methodologies.

I  offer ADA 508 Compliance Testing, Health IT  testing  (HL7,ICD9  &  ICD10),  Automation  testing,  Performance  Testing,  ETL Testing, Web Services Testing, Oracle Apps testing, Mobile Testing, anything you  mention. This was possible because I explored the opportunities which entailed creation of jobs for others and grooming them to suit the requirements.

Q: What would you do if you won the Dream Big Award’s $25,000 grand prize?

Sabbavarpu: I  propose  to  invest a part  of  this  prize  money  for  the  betterment  of  welfare measures extended to my employees. I intend to introduce some more incentives for the  employees.  Further,  I  would  like  to  announce  a  scheme  for  the  kith  and kin of the employees for the best performances in studies and sports. I  run  a   charitable  institution   back  in  India  by   name  Chandra  Sabbavarpu Foundation (CSF), which provides FREE skills in software, to face interview, and

technical  job  skills  to  poor  and  rural  students  to  enable  them  to land  jobs  and build their career. I intend to invest some of the prize money in this foundation also.

Q: What’s your best advice for other small business owners who want to Dream Big?

Sabbavarpu: My sincere advice to other small entrepreneurs who want to grow or new entrants is to work hard, adhere to good business ethics and take care of their employees without whom things may not materialize. As  it  is  appropriately  said  opportunity  knocks  your  door  only  once.  So I advise them to be alert and grab the opportunities and exploit them.