Free Enterprise Staff  | December 24, 2014

Our 5 Most Popular Stories of the Year: Creating Opportunity

It’s been a big year for us at We completely redesigned the site, launched a new LinkedIn showcase page, and had the chance to interview incredibly successful entrepreneurs like Sir Richard Branson—and that’s just touching the surface.

With 2015 nearly upon us, we thought it was the perfect opportunity to highlight some of our favorite and most successful stories from 2014. So, starting today and stretching through the end of next week, we’ll be showcasing the most popular stories from each of our five content categories—Doing Good, Creating Opportunity, True Innovation, Smart Government, and America at Work.

Though we couldn’t have asked for a better 2014, we have even bigger plans for next year, so stay tuned for what’s in store.

Creating Opportunity

From smarter cities, to increasing job growth, to making lives easier, check out these top five Creating Opportunity stories from the year.

1. Dan Gilbert’s Down Payment On Detroit’s Revival

Founder of Quicken Loans, Dan Gilbert, is looking to restore the once thriving city of Detroit. Gilbert is investing in the city’s entrepreneurial space to help foster innovation and bring business into the city.

2. 5 Technologies That Will Change The World

How genetics, technology, and shale gas are the drivers of the future.

3. Call It A Rebrand: As Detriot Reinvents Itself, So Do Its Ad Guys

An Ad Agency that’s successfully navigating the Detroit economy.

4. Rolls-Royce Shows How Investing In the U.S. Is Good For Business

Settling its high-end factory in Prince George’s County, Maryland, Rolls Royce increased both direct and indirect job growth.

5. Project 100 Wants to Reinvent Transportation in Vegas—and Beyond

Imagine you have access to electric cars, electric bikes, and shared shuttle stops within 5 minutes-guaranteed. Project 100 looks to accomplish this and the way that transportation is viewed.