Free Enterprise Staff  | December 23, 2014

Our 5 Most Popular Stories of the Year: Doing Good

It’s been a big year for us at We completely redesigned the site, launched a new LinkedIn showcase page, and had the chance to interview incredibly successful entrepreneurs like Sir Richard Branson—and that’s just touching the surface.

With 2015 nearly upon us, we thought it was the perfect opportunity to highlight some of our favorite and most successful stories from 2014. So, starting today and stretching through the end of next week, we’ll be showcasing the most popular stories from each of our five content categories—Doing Good, Creating Opportunity, True Innovation, Smart Government, and America at Work—beginning with Doing Good.

Though we couldn’t have asked for a better 2014, we have even bigger plans for next year, so stay tuned for what’s in store.


For many businesses, there’s a lot more to what they do than just trying to turn a profit. Some businesses are formed to fix a societal problem, to enable people to give back to the less fortunate, or to revitalize a community. Sometimes it’s about people who lead successful businesses, and how they choose to share their experience. Here are our top five stories about businesses doing good.

1. 8 Herb Kelleher Quotes That Will Teach You Everything You Need To Know About Life

The top 8 quotes on leadership and life from a man that created SouthWest Airlines on the back of a cocktail napkin.

2. Today’s Business Pairs NFL Caliber Passion With Digital Expertise

One football player transferred his skills on the field to skills in the digital marketing world.

3. Tony Hsieh’s $350 Million Gamble on Las Vegas

Zappos CEO is seeing his revision of Downtown Las Vegas come to life as his self-funded Downtown Project starts to grow.

4. An Open Letter From The Lego Movie’s Lord Business: I’m Just Misunderstood

Breaking down “bad” business myths, as told by Lord Business.

5. The Rise of Barre3 and Boutique Fitness Chains

The reasoning behind why people are ditching their gym memberships and working up a sweat at boutique classes.