Abram Olmstead  | January 10, 2014

Is NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Putting Charter Schools on the Chopping Block?

“I simply wouldn’t favor charters the way Mayor Bloomberg did because, in the end, our city rises or falls on our traditional public schools,” New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said in a debate just before his landslide election.

He wouldn’t? Charter schools have experienced dramatic success, growing from 17 schools in 2002 to 183 today. Demand has grown equally rapidly, with 69,000 families applied for just 18,600 slots last year.

Today on the uschamber.com blog, writer David Kinkade looks at de Blasio’s agenda:

The Washington Post’s January 3 editorial responded to de Blasio’s education agenda with similar concerns: “Of all the ways to reduce inequality, none is more important than giving poor children access to good schools — including, but not limited to, pre-K. And of all the political forces that propelled Mr. de Blasio into office, none is less truly progressive than the backlash against school reform.”

Kinkade goes on to say:

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