Free Enterprise Staff  | May 15, 2015

Report Reveals Secrets to Fueling U.S. Entrepreneurial Growth

In case you hadn’t heard, today marks an important day for everyone here at Free Enterprise. That’s because, after a year of research and analysis, a landmark report we’re sponsoring was released to the public: “Innovation That Matters: How City Networks Drive Civic Entrepreneurship.”

Developed by 1776, a D.C.-based global incubator and seed fund, the report dives headfirst into four highly regulated sectors—education, energy, health, and cities—and asks what would happen if entrepreneurial values were applied to each. Apart from partnering with 1776 to produce the report, Free Enterprise has a special interest in this kind of innovative research. Our site is, after all, a platform designed to showcase the men and women entrepreneurs who fuel innovation and drive the U.S. economy forward.

Whether or not you have time right now to peruse the full report—it clocks in at 120 pages—the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Blog has a great breakdown of its findings—many of which will most certainly surprise you. So, have a look and stay tuned: Over the next few weeks, we’ll continue to bring you important insights from 1776 and its research team.

You can check out the report breakdown here.