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Memphis, TN: The Music and Food Capital Turned Entrepreneurial Hub
Free Enterprise Staff | November 30, 2015

This month we’re traveling to Memphis, Tennessee, which is the last stop on this year’s #SiliconCitiesUSA tour.

After Chattanooga, Memphis is the second city in Tennessee that we’ve visited for #SiliconCitiesUSA. Though it shares a state with Chattanooga, Memphis is uniquely its own city, one that is rooted in a strong sense of history that permeates its downtown and extends outward.

Thanks to FedEx, which calls the city home, Memphis has long been a hub for transportation and logistics. Yet Memphis also serves as the headquarters for AutoZone and dozens of other important businesses, both domestic and foreign. The city is a regional hub of banking, and it is also a center of academia. There are nearly a dozen four-year academic institutions in the city, including the University of Memphis and Rhodes College.

Recognized around the world for its food and music culture, Memphis is quickly becoming known as a center of entrepreneurship in the state and beyond. With employment growing and more and more entrepreneurs deciding to stay in the city and start businesses there, Memphis’s public officials and business leaders are working together to create a city of the future, one they hope will be as well known for its fun-loving culture as it is for its thriving business community.

Intrigued by Memphis? Stay tuned over the course of this month as we take a deep dive into all the city has to offer.

What is #SiliconCitiesUSA?

Over the course of this year, we’re exploring how entrepreneurs and businesses are faring in non-major U.S. cities, beginning with Des Moines, Iowa. We’ll be reporting on the ground from each city, talking with elected officials and business leaders about how they’re harnessing their unique resources and local talent to fuel economic growth and better compete against more established urban centers like San Francisco and New York City.