Free Enterprise Staff  | April 29, 2016

How One Small Business is Transforming Schools Into Lean Educating Machines

It’s no secret that America’s school districts are often underfunded and over budget, causing roadblocks for many students to get the education they need. With this challenge in mind, Byron Headrick, fully trained in LEAN Six Sigma – a methodology that seeks to improve performance by systematically removing waste –and his wife Sherri Headrick, a NASA outreach specialist and former professor, in 2009 founded LEAN Frog Business Solutions, which works with school districts to minimize their financial burdens and make their operations more efficient by employing proven business principles.

From the outset, Alabama-based LEAN Frog wanted to create lasting change in America’s school districts, starting with the company’s first client. In three months, LEAN Frog, the 2016 Southeastern Regional Finalist, took a local school district’s $17 million in debt and turned it into a $3.5 million surplus.

Dedicated to transforming public education in the southeastern United States, LEAN Frog has revitalized numerous school districts. In six years, the company has grown to 22 full-time staff in two offices. With more than $80 million in savings, LEAN Frog has helped school districts that educate 230,000 students.

But LEAN Frog isn’t stopping there. The company is building a software system that would give smaller school districts access to their services. Over the next 10 years, LEAN Frog plans to double its number of regional offices and grow to more than 50 employees, with the overarching goal of helping more than 2 million students.