Fueling Innovation Kim Lachance Shandrow  | July 6, 2018

How Cargill Is Seeding Sustainable Agriculture Processes Around the World

One of America’s largest private companies is going above and beyond to sew sustainability into every step in the food production process, from farm to store to table, and every step in between. Not just here in the United States, either, but around the world.

Minnetonka, Minn.-based Cargill — which provides agriculture, food and industrial products and services, and employs 150,000 people in 70 countries — was recently recognized by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation (USCCF) for heavily investing in developed and emerging economies to improve food capacity and capabilities.

In a nod to its inspiring and successful food sustainability efforts, Cargill was named a finalist in the USCCF’s recent Corporate Citizenship Awards, specifically in the category of Best Corporate Steward Large Business.

“We know the future of global food and agriculture requires bold new solutions,” said David Maclennan, Cargill’s chairman and CEO. “At Cargill, being a good corporate citizen advances our efforts to nourish the world and protect the planet. Through our giving and the work we do every day, we are helping customers and communities thrive.”

The annual USCCF awards applaud and honor outstanding corporate citizenship in eight categories, spanning education, disaster response, community and environmental stewardship and health and wellness. Approaching their 18th consecutive year, the awards highlight the ways in which businesses big and small make the world a better place through high-impact social and community outreach efforts across the business sector, domestically and abroad.

Demonstrating excellence in corporate social responsibility at a global level, Cargill invested $3.43 billion in developed and emerging economies in 2015. From grain and oilseed processing in Canada to poultry in China, to cocoa in Indonesia, the company set out to foster access to affordable, safe and nutrient-packed nourishment for people in need across the globe.

“Cargill’s commitment to food security and sustainability runs throughout the entire organization,” said USCCF senior vice president Marc DeCourcey. “The company is improving the lives of millions of farmers and helping create a more food-secure world.”

This wasn’t the first time the USCCF commended Cargill’s admirable global social efforts. In 2010, the corporation received the organization’s International Community Service Award for teaming up with thousands of farmers along Africa’s Ivory Coast. Leveraging its unique agriculture insights and learnings, the special program provided critically-needed training and significantly improved health outcomes. In that same year alone, Cargill, founded in 1865 in Conover, Iowa, trained more than 2.4 million farmers worldwide in key agricultural sustainability practices, all with the aim of helping people thrive for generations to come.