Erin Klem  | November 12, 2015

Get There on Time Thanks to TransitScreen

Here we go. You have 15 minutes to get to a meeting across town. What’s the fastest way to get there? When is the next subway coming? Will a taxi take forever with traffic? What about one of those community bike thingies?

We’ve all been there (some of us more often than others, admittedly). And we’ve all wished there was a way to make the right decision in time to actually catch that next subway to make it to our destination relatively on time. Enter TransitScreen. In the recent Challenge Cup local competition in Washington, D.C., TransitScreen was named a finalist in the cities category.

Available in multiple U.S. cities and even internationally, TransitScreen is a web application that compiles real-time data on various forms of public transportation and serves it up to consumers, taking the guess work out of choosing the most efficient way to travel. The application includes subway, bus, train, car travel, and even bike share information. It’s often displayed on large screens in the lobbies of office buildings, but is also accessible on tablet and mobile, and is shown through TransitScreen’s sidewalk projection technology.

Here’s an example of the super-powered info the application delivers to commuters.

TransitScreen image DC transport

TransitScreen will advance along with the other local competition winners to a regional Challenge Cup competition, with the hopes of making it to the final round during Challenge Festival 2016 in D.C. Follow the competition here with #FreeEnterpriseFriday or at the 1776 site.