Abram Olmstead  | April 19, 2013

Free Enterprise Tour Guides: A Look at Our Favorite Videos

For the last two months, the “On the Road With Free Enterprise” team has been poring over 900 applications for the Best Summer Job in America. The teams applying to be our Free Enterprise Tour Guides shared their experiences, their unique qualifications, and their humor. We thoroughly enjoyed reviewing the applications and, unfortunately, we don’t have a bus to bring more applicants on tour. 

Voting opens Monday at 8:00 a.m. for our two finalist teamsJen and John, and Nate and Joebut there were so many great teams that we thought we’d share with you some of the fun we had reviewing applications. While the video was just one part of the application process, take a look at five videos from our favorite runners-up:

Dusty and Nikki:

Merlin and Nikki:

Dylan and Lindsey:

Billy and Lex:

Errol and Erik: