Abram Olmstead  | June 6, 2013

Free Enterprise Hits a Home Run

Today, “On the Road WIth Free Enterprise” Tour Guides Nate and Joe embarked on the road trip of their lives: a two-month cross-country road trip to tell the story of free enterprise and what it means to the American economy.

But first, they got to play a little baseball at the launch event at Nationals Park in Washington, D.C.

Before the game, Nate and Joe were at the Free Enterprise booth, signing up people to receive emails and follow the tour. A lot of people wanted to take photos with the Chevy Traverse. (Head over to the American Free Enterprise Facebook page to see more photos).

It’s always nice to see a familiar face. Nate’s mom, Nancy, came out to help pass out t-shirts and tell people about the tour (and check out the car).

Nate and Joe got to meet the newest Nationals Racing President – William Howard Taft, who just also happens to be the inspiration behind the creation of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. That guy was really tall.

The Nats were playing the Mets, and since Nate and Joe are both based in New York, they got some ribbing. (Don’t worry, they cheered for the home team).

They went out on the field to wish the players good luck while they made their way to their seats.

Joe even got to call out “play ball” after the first pitch, with a bit of help from Nationals’ mascot, Screech.

Joe thought it was pretty surreal to see himself on a Jumbotron.

The tour guides got to help the Nationals award one lucky row with some Free Enterprise Tour gear. As an added bonus, Nate was named the Fan of the Game.

Now Nate and Joe are on the road headed to Charlotte, North Carolina. Keep an eye out for their first official tour post. And a special thanks to our tour sponsors, General Motors  and T-Mobile US, and the Nationals for being such great hosts.