Erin Klem  | February 6, 2015

Forget Memorization

On this #FreeEnterpriseFriday, we feature a company that competed in the recent Challenge Cup event in Bangalore, India. The following excerpt originally appeared on the 1776 website.

Learning solutions that come on the heels of extensive research

In a number of recent Challenge Cup cities, the education category has largely centered on textbooks and the need to modernize the distribution of classroom materials. In Bangalore, however, the learning itself was the launching point for several startups. Specifically, companies spent several years conducting research on how students process and grasp information, in order to develop new ways of helping them comprehend subjects.

The night’s winner, BPI Educational Institution, spent nine years examining and analyzing research and preparing its solution, B-Genius Learning System. As a starting point, the company founders looked at long-standing research that says it takes 36 times to remember a piece of information for three months at 90 percent accuracy. BPI’s idea was to create something that could improve human retention and eliminate memorization from learning—and the result is patent-pending technology that makes learning 120 times faster and keeps it in one’s brain for a year and a half.

According to CEO Trina Das, a student doesn’t have to use the technology every day as some brain-training exercises expect. Only when a student becomes stuck does he or she take out a mobile device and snap a picture of the hangup, which can be in a range of different subject areas. Then, B-Genius breaks it apart into components that the brain, by nature of its composition, understands through an algorithm that takes into account what part of the brain is required.

“We’re not into flash cards or memory games,” Das says. “We use the neuroscience…and are the only company claiming to build long-term retention.”

So far the company has earned $500,000 in revenue,and 8,000 students have tried out the model.