Erin Klem  | May 15, 2015

Congratulations to The 9 Challenge Cup Finalists!

Today, nine companies are likely reflecting on their journey over the last 9 months of the Challenge Cup. They are also likely thinking about best how to use the $50,000 investment they’ve just received for making it this far in the competition. Finally, they’re getting ready for a big moment–when they take the stage tomorrow evening to compete for the global Challenge Cup title and an additional $100,000.

We’ve followed along with the competition, featuring some of the competing startups on Hailing from Boston, New York, Kenya, California, Mexico, and places in between, these nine finalists are companies you should get to know, as you’ll likely be hearing more about them.

 — LearnLux creates online learning tools to teach people personal finance when they need it most. The company allows companies to empower their employees to become financially autonomous by giving them the skills and knowledge they need to make the best financial decisions. Boston, Massachusetts

Cognotion — Cognotion identifies talent, delivers functional utilization of knowledge, and decreases employee churn rate using gaming and video tools designed for entry-level millennials. They use emotion and context to teach hard and soft skills to entry level employees. New York, New York

Handsfree Learning — Handsfree helps students, teachers & institutions in learn-by-doing disciplines by supporting instruction, practice, assessment & feedback. By applying a range of hardware and software solutions to the process of technical skills acquisition, the Handsfree platform expands possibilities in subjects like dentistry, medicine, culinary arts, fine arts, cosmetology, and lab sciences. San Francisco, California



Unima — Unima is a biotechnology startup that developed a fast and low cost diagnostics technology that allows health data collection globally and analytics in real time. Mexico City, Mexico

ReliefWatch — ReliefWatch is an inventory management platform targeted at multinational non-governmental organizations operating health clinics in developing countries. Chicago, Illinois



Radiator Labs — Radiator Labs takes old, wasteful buildings and, via a unique patent-pending product offering, improves their heating efficiencies up to LEED standard levels. Brooklyn, New York

BaseTrace — BaseTrace provides DNA-based tracers that can show where industrial fluids are going in large, complex environments. Triangle Park, North Carolina


Transportation & Cities

NeoKenya  — NeoKenya has created a market solution to solve the problem of rising food prices across Africa. Its solution, Twiga, offers farmers a formal guaranteed prices, handles the produce with care to eliminate loss and delivers directly to thousands of independent kiosks. Nairobi, Kenya

EverCharge — 26.7 percent of americans live in multifamily households in the U.S. and do not have the ability to charge an electric vehicle. As EV adoption rates are shooting through the roof, a massive opportunity is created for a product that empowers this demographic. San Francisco, California