Sheryll Poe  | June 21, 2013

The A-List in Austin: Entrepreneurs Raise the Roof(top)

Let’s say you’re a couple of bloggers rolling into an unknown town. Perhaps, just for the purposes of this little exercise, you’re Nate and Joe and you’re On the Road with Free Enterprise. And, lucky you, you’re in Austin, Texas and you’re looking for a little local expertise on where to find the best vintage suspenders. That’s where a company like Localeur can come in handy.

Localeur is a curated community of local insiders who help travelers “experience local” in the cities they visit. The company, which was founded by two former Bazaarvoice employees, was one of 19 innovative local companies to make the summer 2013 Austin A-List. Plus, the co-founders, Joah Spearman and Chase White, are a couple of snazzy dressers.

The Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce and South by Southwest Interactive announced the 2013 Austin A-list at a rooftop happy hour event on June 21. Armed with sun screen for the 100-degree heat and Deep Eddy Vodka drinks in hand, Nate, Joe, and I made our way around the event and met some really interesting Austin startups doing pretty innovative things.

The Austin A-List companies are pretty varied: everything from well-known fitness startup (hello, MapMyFitness) to newcomer Next One is On Me (an app that allows users to treat friends to cups of coffee, a beer, or even buy a friend lunch). The A-List is intended to increase the visibility of Austin’s great regional technology startups. “These A-List companies transform potential into reality and drive the entrepreneurial spirit that makes Austin so special,” said Hugh Forrest, director of SXSW Interactive Festival.

Spearman and White gave our tour guides some great local restaurant recommendations (like Koriente), and offered their expertise for some of their upcoming tour stops. We were out of luck on the suspenders, however. Spearman picked those up at a vintage store in Charleston during a recent road trip with his wife.