The Week That Was -- April 13, 2012

Apr 13, 2012

Here are the most widely read stories for the week ending April 13:

Buffett Rule is a Tax on Job Creation – President Obama traveled to Florida to sell the Buffett Rule, a plan that essentially raises taxes on capital instead of reducing the deficit and unemployment problem.

The Incredible Overreaching EPA – In his weekly column, Tom Donohue discusses how courts across the country have been striking down politically driven rules proposed by the overreaching EPA.

Most Overlooked Tax Deductions for Small Business – With less than a week until taxes are due, small businesses should pay attention to six commonly missed deductions.

The Need for Comprehensive Tax Reform – U.S. Chamber’s Chief Operating Officer David Chavern touches on America’s overly complex and uncompetitive corporate tax code.

The Need for Tax Reform, Part 1: Raising Individual Tax Rates Will Squelch Growth – With Tax Day almost upon us, Americans should know that if Congress fails to act, marginal rates for individuals in all tax brackets will rise in January 2013.

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