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’Tis the Season for … Dangerous Fakes?

Dec 16, 2013

The holiday season is in full force, and with it, the last-minute dash for gifts. As the hottest toys and the latest gadgets fly off the shelves, consumers search high and low to fulfill their loved ones’ wish lists. Whether hunting for a bargain or trying to get their hands on a sold-out product, shoppers should beware of dangerous fakes or too-good-to-be true scams.

Improve Your Relationship with Your Business

Dec 12, 2013
from NY Enterprise Report

As a business grows, entrepreneurs must often reinvent themselves as a rite of passage. It’s often the very work habits that help you achieve a level of success that hold you back from getting to the next level. Being involved in all areas of the business, making every decision, and managing every outcome in the company becomes unsustainable as your business grows. I’ve gone through several reinventions as my own business grew and changed.

Volcker Rule Will Be a Grinch to U.S. Capital Markets

Dec 11, 2013

Business men and women of Whoville beware: Paul Volcker may be swiping your Christmas cheer.

Yesterday, federal regulators voted to approve the Volcker Rule, named after former Federal Reserve Chairman, Paul Volcker.

While the Volcker Rule seeks to ban proprietary trading, it goes beyond that. Congress and regulators may have shot at Wall Street, but they will hit Main Street instead.

Ho-Ho-Ho Hurt: Dangerous Fakes Threatening Online Holiday Consumers

Dec 11, 2013

Twas the night after Thanksgiving, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, except for the computer mouse.

With next-day shipping and incredible deals, millions upon millions of consumers are opting for the convenience of online shopping to fulfill even the most fantastic of holiday wishes.

5 Strategies for a Successful Acquisition Deal

Dec 11, 2013
from NY Enterprise Report

It’s a well known statistic that approximately two-thirds of acquired businesses fail. While these stats are based on publicly traded companies with failure measured by loss of equity value, there is no reason to believe that the failure experience is any different for private companies. The statistics are daunting; however, companies continue to be acquired for a variety of good reasons and not all acquisitions fail.


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