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Ben Clarke on Ohio: Don't Just Be the Cheap Alternative, Be the Best

Mar 12, 2014

Ben Clarke has made an investment in his home state of Ohio. After graduating from Ohio State University, he questioned if he should head for one of the coasts, but ultimately decided he wanted to remain in the Buckeye State. "I made an absolute decision that I would not leave the state of Ohio," Clarke told 

Reversing the LeBron Effect: Cleveland Looks to Attract Young Talent

Mar 11, 2014

When LeBron James seized the national stage to declare his intention to depart for the bright lights and sun of Miami, the 2010 media spectacle known as “The Decision” encapsulated one of the biggest challenges facing the Rust Belt city inside of one (excessively long) 75-minute broadcast.

5 Quotes From Women Who Are Changing the World

Feb 28, 2014

How do we empower girls and women around the world? The answers do not come easy, but five influential women, all of whom will be speaking at the Chamber's Corporate Citizenship Center International Women's Day event at the United Nations next week, have done inspiring work in making the world a better and safer place for women. Here are some of our favorite quotes. 

Winning America’s – and the World’s – Trust

Feb 25, 2014
The 2014 Edelman Trust Barometer, a survey of 33,000 people in 27 nations, shows the largest ever gap between trust in business and government since the first study in 2001. In a few nations, the divide is as much as 40 points, and in nearly half of them—including the United States—the gap is more than 20 points. Trust in business has been growing since 2008 while trust in government has been on the decline since 2011.

Rikers Island Tackles Rearrest Rate With Country's First Social Impact Bond

Feb 24, 2014

Jafar Abbas has noticed a distinct change in attitude among his students. No more yelling out the window, fewer obscenities, and much less negativity in general.

The more positive tone is a good sign not just for the class, put potentially for society. Abbas isn’t an instructor in just any classroom — he’s teaching teenage inmates at New York’s Rikers Island.

The Denver Disruption: Startups Soar in the Mile High City

Mar 3, 2014

Over 150 years ago, a group of gold prospectors from Lawrence, Kansas hunkered down on the banks of the South Platte River in the shadows of the Rocky Mountains to pan for specks of gold during the Pike’s Peak Gold Rush.

Today, a brave new group of prospectors are staking out claims on Denver’s tech landscape and making a name for themselves in this thriving and cheerful metropolis of 2.5 million. But it’s not gold these thirsty upstarts are after, it’s another type of posterity.

Denver Builds a Rail System to Grow on for the Mile High City

Feb 20, 2014

When discussions began nearly a decade ago in Denver of creating a modernized transit system to address the metropolitan area's sprawling growth, the business community braced for the kind of divisive debate that can derail major infrastructure projects.

But then something surprising happened. Local businesses, developers, environmentalists, residents and their elected officials got together and worked through their differences to create the conditions necessary to build a rail network that has brought widespread benefits to the Mile High City.

4 Negotiation Tips You Learned as a Kid

Feb 18, 2014 got to know Red Frog Events when the active entertainment company won the Chamber’s DREAM BIG Small Business of the Year award. The infectiously fun Chicago-based firm has created events including the Warrior Dash and Great Urban Race—it has also created an enviable company culture. Who wouldn’t want to work where there’s a treehouse, a fire pit (complete with s’mores supplies), and a business card deeming you “Master of Monkey Business”?

Will Europe Challenge the U.S. in Startup Dominance?

Feb 21, 2014

For Christopher Steiner, being accepted into Y Combinator, Silicon Valley’s oldest incubator, was like winning the lottery.  “Everybody wants to get into Y Combinator, but there’s only a 2 percent acceptance rate. It really changed the trajectory for our company,” said the journalist turned entrepreneur who co-founded Aisle50 with Riley Scott in 2010.

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back? Austin Two-Steps With Tech Startups Again

Feb 13, 2014

In my guest bedroom/office, there’s a framed newspaper cover hanging in a place of pride and prominence. It’s the July 22, 2000 edition of the Austin American-Statesman, Austin’s only daily newspaper. The cover story on Lance Armstrong’s marketability in light of his second Tour de France win was written by yours truly.


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